Digital Den

Digital DenA Digital Den, with its dedicated training rooms is used to train tenants with little or no experience of being online, to introduce them to the virtues of the internet and explore online banking, shopping, and even explore their own hobbies and interests.

Our Digital Den product is a joint venture between us and you , the local Social Housing Provider.  Through these Digital Dens we will deliver Internet access and courses to train and inspire local residents as part of a sustainable enterprise that will provide training to those intimidated by technology and help them overcome their fears, explore their hobbies and interests online and train them to access services on the Internet such as online banking,, social media and online shopping.

We recruit from your tenant base, turning unemployed residents facing barriers to finding employment into qualified Digital Champions that are part of our team helping nurture the digital appetite in their community.
We are use our experience and supply chain to set up these projects in partnership with social housing providers across the country.