Fibre ethernet, broadband and other data

From high-speed Ethernet to multi-site networking solutions, Social Telecoms’ diverse Data Connectivity portfolio fulfils your organisation’s needs.

Today’s Social Housing providers demand ever-higher standards for Internet and Data connectivity. Social Telecoms ensures you’ll get it - and coupled with honest pricing in the process.
We work with a variety of leading network operators to provide the nationwide coverage, unrivalled uptime and flexibility you need to give them an exceptional service.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes Ethernet access, leased lines and MPLS multi-site private networks, which you can use to create solutions that benefit your organisation in all sorts of ways.  Secure, fast Internet connectivity lets them communicate quickly and serve more people in less time, while resilient data networks mean information can be shared with their employees, customers and suppliers without compromise.

Independent and carrier-neutral, Social Telecoms can provide everything you need for complete Data Connectivity: from the simplest deployment, to a fully-managed, end-to-end network, monitored around-the-clock and supported by outstanding customer service.

Social Telecoms can provide PfH members with data services, including Leased Lines, FTTC, FTTP, MPLS and SD-WAN  via a direct call-off of their Telecommunications & Associated Services framework agreement.
We're no.1 ranked on Lot 1 (Network Communications).

Incredible Speeds, Maximum Resilience & Extensive Coverage

Built to military standards and spanning the whole of the UK, our network is independently rated as one of the fastest, most resilient, and best supported networks in the UK, reaching over 20 million premises via 5565 exchanges.

Superior Connectivity

Our core global Internet connectivity is presented in London at LINX & LONAP, in Amsterdam at AMS-IX, and in Frankfurt at DE-CIX where we have multiple transit and peering connections with over 600 global networks, enabling us to deliver data from around the world at incredibly fast speeds.

Future-Proof Scalability

With a wide choice of copper (EFM) and fibre (EAD) access links at speeds of 10Mbit/s, 100Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s and circuit bandwidths from 1Mbit/s right through to 1Gbit/s, we can provide future-proof scalability offering fast, simple and cost-effective upgrades when extra bandwidth is needed or more sites are added.

Rapid & Professional 24/7 Support

With 99.95% service availability, our EtherPro Leased Lines are one of the most reliable connections available, supported by our team of UK based support professionals, available 24/7. In the unlikely event of a fault, the industry leading response and repair time is rapid - 5 hours for fibre and 7 hours for Copper.

Automatic Failover | 100% Up-time

All of our connections can be configured to automatically failover to secondary circuits (eg ADSL, FTTC, 3G and/or another leased line), so that should the primary connection fail, it will automatically failover to the back-up circuit and retain the same range of IP addresses, thus offering the potential to achieve 100% up-time.

Exceptional Value for Money

No expensive hardware is required - a 1U termination box is installed with a standard RJ45 ethernet connector to connect to your existing firewall, router, or switch. Furthermore, we can supply very competitively priced pre-configured fully managed routers if required, as well as complete fully managed MPLS/VPLS Network solutions.

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