Mitel Phone Systems

Our Mitel telephone systems are cloud based. That means they use the internet to make and receive calls, giving you more flexibility and saving you money.

Mitel PBX – a Hosted PBX

A PBX or Private Branch Exchange is the technology that allows a business to have several internal lines for various members of the organisation, while retaining a small number of external lines. A traditional PBX system uses hardware to achieve that – something that’s often too expensive for smaller organisation.

Our Mitel PBX is hosted, which means it uses the cloud. It’s virtual, rather than physical.

If your business is in an area with a high-speed broadband connection, this will almost certainly be a better solution. There’s no need for complicated infrastructure or expensive hardware. Just connect your SIP-enabled phone to Social Telecoms via any internet connection.

Mitel phone systems allow you to pay for a simple system if that’s all you need, or we can offer complex call routing if required.

Easy Administration. Great Support.

We don’t just supply you with Mitel handsets, set up your phone system and leave you to it – 24/7 support is available too. We also have a secure web portal that allows you to administer your account with ease. That leaves you with time to spend on more important things.

We even have a softphone for iOS and Android, so you can keep connected from your mobile too.

Is a Hosted PBX the same as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)?

It’s related, but not exactly the same. Voice over Internet Protocol simply means using the internet to transfer the audio data that makes up a phone call. A Mitel VoIP system uses a Hosted PBX to achieve that.

Confusingly, a hosted PBX can also be called an IP PBX, virtual PBX or cloud PBX. To the layman, these are essentially the same thing. People within the industry will be aware of subtle differences between the different types, but they aren't important from the customer's point of view.

You might even hear terms like Mitel IP phones, which refers to an IP handset used with a Mitel phone system.

If you’re a social housing provider or business looking for a low-cost, scalable phone system, get in touch today about Mitel telephone systems !

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