Mobile Airtime & Devices

With today’s working environment no longer being confined to the office and with a drive to more agile working operations our mobile plans give you the flexibility you need.

Working with all the major networks and mainstream hardware suppliers ensures we can manage your expectations.

Social Telecoms can provide PfH members with mobile airtime services from EE, O2, Vodafone and Three as well as Multinet/Roaming SIMs via a direct call-off of their Telecommunications & Associated Services framework agreement.
We're no.1 ranked on Lot 2 (Mobile Communications).

Social Telecoms can fulfil your requirements

Individual and Shared Data Plans – 500MB to Unlimited

Flexible short term and long-term contracts to suit business requirements

O2, EE, Vodafone and 3 giving you a wider choice of networks to choose from

5G tariffs and hardware

Multinet and roaming SIMs across all 4 networks ensuring even those working remotely stay connected

Consultative and prescriptive approach ensuring you don’t pay over the odds

Cost savings throughout the lifetime of the relationship

Dedicated customer service and account management ensuring a seamless migration to your chosen network and ongoing support

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