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sip-gridIn simple terms a SIP Trunk is a service that connects your PBX telephone system to the telephone line network using the internet.  This means that you do not necessarily have to replace the telephone hardware that you may have only recently invested in.

For any organisation looking to upgrade/replace their telephone system or move premises, the level of choice can be bewildering. But for public sector organisations driven by cost reductions, customer service and remote working the advancements in technology and the internet have undoubtedly expanded and the improved the choices open to them.

Once, companies would have queued to buy expensive ISDN lines, nowadays they’re looking for simpler and more cost effective solutions. While ISDN – digital transmission over copper telephone lines – was 'fit for purpose’ then, it now looks increasingly restrictive and expensive for the organisations yet to deploy alternatives – especially with more economic alternatives such as SIP in their sights.

Companies often fail to cancel ISDN channels when they are no longer required, resulting in significant line rental charges. ISDN is now facing tough competition from easy-to-use and scalable IP services such as SIP.

For the social housing sector, flexibility is key. They need to be able to scale numerous channels up and down to account for fluctuations and demand. With ISDN, flexibility has never been easy, you’d have to pay extra for the installation and running of increased lines or channels, normally entering into a fixed term contract for them in the process.

Unlike ISDN, the benefits of SIP Trunking are easy to grasp and visible for all to see. ISDN is a legacy technology and businesses that fail to replace it will become increasingly disadvantaged in terms of service quality, business agility and contract savings.

The Benefits of Social Telecoms' SIP Trunk Service

Auto-failover is an important part of the Disaster Recovery solution which allows a pre-determined DR numbering plan to be automatically deployed in the event of the data connection failing. This plan can then be updated at a click of a button via the online portal.

As BT IPVS is part of BT's IP Exchange, which is embedded in BT's 21st Century Network, the call costs - particularly Internationals calls - are the best in the market place.

Utilising IP technologies - rather analogue PSTN or Digital ISDN - Social Telecoms CIC can provide incredibly flexible and resilient solutions with tangible business benefits. As the Roadmap rolls out newly developed features and products, these can be added to the "foundations" on a pay-as-you-use Communications-as-a-Service (Caas) basis with little or no capital expenditure.

Have an aging phone system and no budget to replace of upgrade it? By replacing your ISDN channels with SIP Trunks you will be able to benefit from the feature rich product set that the Cloud can offer on a CaaS basis, meaning that you pay for what you need, for those that will benefit from it, for as long as you need it. 30 day cancellation terms apply on all the following enhanced CaaS features:

  • Toolbar & Outlook integration, with click-to-dial and screen popping of contact details
  • Unified Messaging and copying in colleagues to voicemails WAV file messages
  • Soft Client for PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android users and Windows handsets Hot-desking - flexible working practices
  • CRM integration Roadmap - including Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Sage, ACT! Gold Mine + Others and Bespoke Databases.
  • Call Recording
  • Desktop Video Conferencing Solutions and Plug-ins for Collaborative Solutions such as MS Lync

Businesses can retain their existing PBX solution and enjoy reduced calling costs and increased flexibility.

DDI ranges can be split between sites that are physically separate.

Increased productivity and control over telephony service and overall business operations.

Individual combinations of hosted telephony and SIP Trunks can be managed through a single web page.

Calls between phones on the same network are free.

Social Telecoms' SIP solution is based on the BT Wholesale IP Voice Services (BT IPVS) platform

BT IPVS is a flexible Unified Communications solution. It's ideal for any size of business anywhere in the UK, delivering all the benefits of a traditional PBX telephone system, as well as advanced call handling and communications features via the Cloud.

Whether you  choose the hosted service, the SIP trunking option or both, IPVS is all an organisation in the social housing sector needs for a high-quality unified communications package.

The gateway to powerful next generation communication services, including smart call handling, IM and conferencing.

Social Telecoms' SIP solution is based on the BT Wholesale IP Voice Services (BT IPVS) platform.

BT IPVS has built-in flexibility, so we can offer a solution that meets your needs exactly.

Low risk. There are no major set-up costs and there's no need for you to invest in infrastructure, systems or equipment.

BT IPVS is charged on a convenient pay-as-you-go basis.

Reassuring reliability. IPVS is run on BT's highly resilient and secure next generation network. So you can use with confidence.

The BT IPVS platform has been built using market-leading technology from Broadsoft, HIPCOM, Cisco and Polycom. Broadsoft supply 18 out of the world's 25 top telecommunications companies. It is fully compatible with the Lync platform.

IPVS has ISO 2011 accreditation. That means it has robust processes in place to protect the confidentiality and integrity of user data.

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