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Are you interested in switching your traditional ISDN or PSTN telecoms to SIP?

Social Telecoms and Procurement for Housing have teamed together to develop a costs comparison and savings calculator for members to request and use themselves.

Typically a Social Telecoms customer spending £10,000 per annum on their fixed line, data and mobile contracts can save £4,000 (40%) by realising converged savings and access to our very low costs. Organisations who choose to switch to SIP instead often see savings far, far greater - by using our new tool, you can see for yourself how much you could save.

All of our SIP products can be fully controlled through the cloud.  You will have full remote access to call  recording, call forwarding, diverting, conferencing, fraud control and every aspect of our hosted PBX service. All features can be instantly provisioned, live from your control panel, giving you a level of control far greater than traditional telecoms can provide.

Using the tool, you can easily input your existing bill spend into an Excel spreadsheet to produce...

  • an indicative cost saving comparing your own ISDN and Usage spend against Social Telecoms' SIP rates.
  • see a like for like cost comparison between your current ISDN30, ISDN2e, PSTN and Call Spend against PfH's low tariffs and rates.
  • see by how much the pricing from Social Telecoms will reduce your invoice spend.

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