Software Defined WAN (SDWAN)

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is the practice of simplifying WAN management by decoupling the hardware itself from the management interface.

In essence, SD-WAN is an overlay VPN that promises reduced costs, greater control over applications and simplified network management. Designed specifically for multi-site deployments, SD-WAN utilises application-aware routing and real-time circuit monitoring to improve network performance.

SD-WAN is both carrier and transport layer agnostic, enabling the application of bandwidth, routing and security policies across a range of connections (MPLS, Internet, 4G etc.).

Application optimisation is enabled through centralised network management and control; including quality of service (QoS) and bandwidth management with traffic shaping.

Intelligent routing leverages dynamic policy and performance-based path selection, with automatic load balancing, to ensure maximum network reliability and performance.

Why SD-WAN for your business?

  • Improved application performance
  • More efficient bandwidth utilisation
  • Streamlined network management
  • Rapidly deploy services to new sites
  • Centralised CPE and Security Services
  • Mobile access provide the ability to connect a location/ site via LTE connectivity.
  • Align network services to business needs
  • Reduce network & application downtime
  • Lower total cost of network ownership
  • Simplified delivery and service consolidation
  • Blueprinted architectures for connectivity into public cloud and SaaS environments.

Why Social Telecoms SD-WAN?

We provide agile enterprise grade WAN connectivity, made affordable and simple for Social Housing providers.  It's quicker to deploy and a lower cost than traditional WAN technology and provides secure multi-site connectivity.

The best part is its not dependant on the carriers so you can be agnostic on your network.

  • Best inclusive feature set - Cloud-based operated, fully featured WAN with WiFi and Firewall in 1 box.
  • Best inbuilt resilience – can use multiple access lines and mix technologies; including Ethernet, LTE, ASDL, FTTC and Ultrafast broadband (FTTP and
  • Best range of enhanced features – HV.Select, PCI DSS, Cloud & Hosting, DRaaS, etc.
  • Best flexibility - use of any internet access for true carrier independence, with ability to take over before the renewal date of the incumbent partner's contract
  • Best management portal – fully managed with customer portal access for visibility and control

Social Telecoms can provide PfH members with SD-WAN  via a direct call-off of their Telecommunications & Associated Services framework agreement.
We're no.1 ranked on Lot 1 (Network Communications).

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