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As an organisation that only provides its products and services to social housing providers, Social Telecoms CIC have been created to meet the specific requirements of your sector.  We are partnered with the UK leading networks and wholesale telecoms providers and offer their products with price transparency and add our own, personalised customer service and social value.

We're built around the requirements of Registered Providers of Social Housing - so we're a registered social enterprise and Community Interest Company.  This means that, just like you, our surplus goes to benefit the community rather than to maximise shareholders and owners profit and we offer social value in the form of Digital Inclusion solutions for their residents.

Community Interest Companies (CIC) are limited companies (Ltd.) with special additional features created for the use of people who want to conduct a business or other activity for the benefit of communities, and not purely for private advantage.

As we're the only telecommunications company with a pre-tendered framework agreement who are also a Community Interest Company, you can be sure you will receive pricing and service from a like-minded organisation who put the well-being of your communities before profit for shareholders.

Procurement for Housing

As the only national procurement organisation dedicated to the needs of the social housing sector, PfH is an essential business tool for social landlords.

Social Telecoms are the No. 1 ranked supplier to the PfH telecoms framework agreement for Calls, Lines, Data and Unified Communications.

Digital Inclusion

We are providing real social value by working with our customers to help reduce the digital divide.

Our products and services assist Registered Providers of Social Housing spread digital inclusion in their communities - helping them set themselves up for the Universal Credit and boost the personal and social well-being of their tenants.

Corporate Telecoms

With over 15 years experience in IT and business telecoms, we can offer our customers a reliable and cost effect fixed line or SIP telephony service.

We are passionate about delivering top quality landlines, Direct Internet Access circuits, broadband, and networking that keep our social housing customers connected to their tenants, customers and suppliers.

Social Enterprises

A social enterprise is a business with social objectives whose surpluses are reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners.


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SIP, VoIP & Fixed Line Telephony

Whether you  choose the hosted service, the SIP trunking option or both, SociaL Telecoms  is all an organisation in the social housing sector needs for a high-quality unified communications package. Using the leading BT IP Voice Services product, It's the gateway to powerful next generation communication services

As important as online communication has become, your business still relies on its telephone lines. Make the right call and opt for the reliability of Social Telecoms’ 21CN packages - high-performance, best-value phone services for users who require reliable service supported by UK-based professionals.


How do you communicate with employees, customers, suppliers and/or business partners on a regular basis?

What are your plans to improve communications across the organisation?

How does your business utilise communications to reach your targeted goals?

Are there any difficult or hard to reach locations that you are having trouble communicating to?

At Social Telecoms, we can provide the answers to all of these questions.  We have been providing telecommunications exclusively to the social housing sector for 12 years.

We know that budgetary constraints social housing providers live within and the continuous and relentless push on for more services provided to their customers means that the solution to finding best value is harder than ever.


In the past we have listened to housing associations express concern about the profits generated from their contracts and how it contrasts with their own not for profit status.

As a Community Interest Company, Social Telecoms CIC is also an organisation that invests its surpluses in the community.  We promote a professional relationship based on trust between us and our customers by providing complete price transparency for all of our fixed line and unified comms products and services.

This means we show our cost pricing for all products and agree an acceptable monthly service fee and our customers know exactly how much revenue they are generating for us.

The savings generated for our social housing providers have been significant. This means that a portion of the savings can be reinvested in our digital inclusion projects to help counteract the digital divide.


Through our partnership with BT Openreach, our customers will be supported by 20,000+ engineers available across the UK.

Fixed Lines

SIP, VoIP & Hosted PBX

Leased Lines & Broadband

Mobile Airtime & Devices

EU Compliant Procurement


KiOSK Terminals
Residential Wi-Fi
Rascal Mini PC
The Digital Den

We are digital inclusion specialists that understand digital and financial exclusion in social housing.

Social Telecoms are a social enterprise providing Digital Inclusion as social value to Registered Providers of Social Housing across the UK.

We’re “Yes” people and have created, developed and evolved our Digital Inclusion products and services to meet the requests and requirements of our customers.

Our products cover computer hardware and broadband delivery for both personal or communal access, and our services include Training & Support for residents unfamiliar with computers and the Internet.  We can help you find funding for your digital inclusion projects through leveraging your corporate telecommunications spend.

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Established in 1995, Housing Solutions is a leading provider of affordable homes in the South East. They own, manage and maintain more than 8,000 homes in Maidenhead, Wokingham and Slough. They initially approached us to supply their landlines but have since followed this up with a digital inclusion project to install wifi in 4 sheltered schemes -with up to 6 more to follow suit.

Richard Harvey, ICT Manager at Housing solutions says: “We liked Social Telecoms because they were not like normal sales people. In particular, we were impressed by their price transparency. They have worked out significantly cheaper – we have saved in excess of 25%. We also like the social aspect of what Social Telecoms do as it fits in with our own values.”

Rob Mottram, Head of Business Development for Social Telecoms says: “This is a good example of a relationship that's blossomed. They have recognised the value of the PfH framework and our open book pricing demonstrated how we made them significant savings.”

Fixed Lines Telecoms

Mobile Phone Airtime

Digital Inclusion - Residential Wi-Fi

Lone Worker Protection

Procurement for Housing Framework

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