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OJEU procurement framework holder

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Network agnostic and leading customer service

Converged telecoms and data

SIP & VoIP, Leased Lines, ISDN & Analogue

Digital Inclusion

Residents' WiFi, broadband and computers


Social Telecoms are No. 1 ranked supplier to the PfH telecoms framework




With over 15 years experience in IT and business telecoms, we can offer our customers a reliable and cost effect fixed line or SIP telephony service.


Digital Inclusion

We are providing real social value by working with our customers to help reduce the digital divide and improving social well-being in the community.


Procurement for Housing

As the only national procurement organisation dedicated to the needs of the social housing sector, PfH is an essential business tool for social landlords.


Social Telecoms has a depth and breadth of experience that has earned us local and national awards for the quality of our products, the standards we achieve and the community enrichment we provide.

We are partnered with the UK leading networks and wholesale telecoms providers and offer their products with sector-leading pricing and add our own, personalised customer service and social value.

Built around the requirements of Registered Providers of Social Housing, we are a registered Social Enterprise and Community Interest Company. This means that, just like you, our surplus goes to benefit the community and we offer social value in the form of Digital Inclusion solutions for their residents.

Community Interest Companies (CIC) are limited companies (Ltd.) with special additional features created for the use of people who want to conduct a business or other activity for the benefit of communities, and not purely for private advantage.

As we are the only telecommunications company with a pre-tendered framework agreement who are also a Community Interest Company, you can be sure you will receive pricing and service from a like-minded organisation who put the well-being of your communities as a priority.

Not only can we provide the telecoms services you require at substantially reduced costs, we help reduce the digital divide and empower your tenants at the same time