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Omnichannel Contact Centre

Unified. Seamless. Everywhere. Elevate engagement; transcend touchpoints.
Omnichannel: Modern communication's pinnacle of perfection

Improve Tenant Satisfaction

In the realm of social housing, where tenant satisfaction is paramount, these systems guarantee that providers always remain a step ahead in service quality.

Work from Anywhere

Operational and Strategic Advantages and Enhance Services for Tenants.

Multiple Supplier Options. A diversified portfolio of services

Tenant Self-Sufficiancy

Innovations such as video interactions, integrated within omnichannel platforms, offer instant visualisation of issues.

Enhanced Agent Productivity

With a unified view offered by omnichannel platforms, agents can effectively juggle multiple digital conversations simultaneously.

Analytical Insights

Omnichannel contact centres often come with integration capabilities, allowing for seamless alignment with other digital tools like CRM systems

Quality Management and Speech Analytics

Where resident satisfaction and operational efficiency are paramount, the integration of Quality Management and Speech Analytics offers a game-changing opportunity.

Social Telecoms and the Future of Customer Experience in Social Housing

Social housing providers and local authorities are undergoing a digital revolution, driven by the need to provide exceptional customer experiences and manage tenant relations efficiently.

Leading this transformation are the advancements in the world of Social Telecoms, which are forging the way with innovative solutions in omnichannel contact centre services. Companies like 8x8, Vonage, NFON and Logicdialog are at the forefront of this change, providing tools and services that not only enhance communication but also streamline processes.

Social Telecoms holds a distinguished position as the number one ranked supplier within the Procurement for Housing's Telecommunictions Framework Agreement.

If you're a member of the Procurement for Housing, you have direct access to this framework. This means you can effortlessly procure top-tier contact centre and customer experience services from leading providers such as 8x8, Vonage, RingCentral and NFon.

Leveraging this framework not only ensures you're getting the best in the industry but also streamlines your procurement process, saving you time and resources. So, if you're seeking unparalleled contact centre services, Social Telecoms via the Procurement for Housing Framework is your best pathway.

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Omnichannel Contact Centre

Omnichannel Contact Centres: Elevating Social Housing Experience

In today's dynamic digital landscape, tenant expectations are constantly evolving. Social housing providers and local authorities face the challenge of meeting these heightened expectations, ensuring effective and efficient communication at every touchpoint. Enter the power of omnichannel contact centres.

1. Seamless Interaction Across Platforms:

The modern tenant expects immediate and integrated responses. An omnichannel approach goes beyond mere accessibility; it ensures that whether it's through voice, chat, SMS, or video, communication is streamlined and consistent. This enhances the overall tenant experience, allowing them to effortlessly onboard, manage rent payments, and place repair requests.

2. Enhanced Agent Productivity:

With a unified view offered by omnichannel platforms, agents can effectively juggle multiple digital conversations simultaneously. This dynamic approach ensures that tenant interactions are not only efficient but also personalised. Agents can offer context-driven responses by viewing all past interactions, making the entire communication experience more tenant-centric.

3. Integrated Analytical Insights:

Omnichannel contact centres often come with integration capabilities, allowing for seamless alignment with other digital tools like CRM systems. This interconnectedness brings the advantage of cross-platform analytics, empowering housing providers to measure performance metrics against set KPIs, ensuring constant improvement in service delivery.

4. Empowering Tenant Self-Sufficiency:

Innovations such as video interactions, integrated within omnichannel platforms, offer instant visualisation of issues. This not only expedites repair and maintenance resolutions but also allows engineers to guide tenants in real time. This real-time guidance can help tenants operate appliances or address common issues, ushering in an era of increased tenant self-reliance.

5. The Role of Automation and AI:

Beyond being buzzwords, AI and automation are truly transforming the way social housing providers communicate. By providing speedy resolutions and enhancing self-service environments, these technologies ensure tenant interactions are smoother and more efficient. Real-time guidance, automated feedback systems, and seamless transitions between communication channels and departments further streamline the tenant experience.

6. Commitment to Tenant Satisfaction:

At the heart of every successful social housing provider is a satisfied tenant. Omnichannel platforms recognize this, ensuring swift resolutions, tailored interactions, and consistent feedback collection. In the realm of social housing, where tenant satisfaction is paramount, these systems guarantee that providers always remain a step ahead in service quality.

Social Telecoms: A Diverse Portfolio for Modern Communication Needs

In the rapidly evolving digital age, Social Telecoms stand out as a beacon for integrated communication solutions tailored for housing providers and local authorities. Recognising that no two housing providers and local authorities have the same needs, Social Telecoms offers a diversified portfolio of services sourced from the industry's leading operators. This ensures that housing providers and local authorities can select a service blend that aligns perfectly with their unique operational demands and tenant communication preferences.

Elevate Every Exchange: 8x8's Omnichannel Excellence

Known for its integrated cloud communications platform, 8x8 offers voice, chat, video, and team messaging solutions. It allows social housing providers and local authorities to handle all tenant communications through a unified platform. Integration with popular CRM and Housing Management solutions means that housing providers and local authorities can keep track of all interactions, ensuring consistent and personalised tenant communication.

Vonage for Contact Centre Services

As a pioneer in cloud communications, Vonage provides housing providers and local authorities with robust tools for voice, messaging, video, and data. Their API platform, in particular, allows housing providers and local authorities to customise their communication pathways, ensuring every tenant interaction is both efficient and personalised.

Unified Communication Reimagined with RingCentral

With a global footprint, RingCentral brings forward a unified approach to communications and collaboration. Its comprehensive suite empowers housing associations with voice, video conferencing, team messaging, and contact centre solutions, all integrated into one cohesive platform.

NFON's Versatility in Communication

NFON brings to the table a cloud-based communication system that's both versatile and scalable. Their solutions cater to a variety of needs, ranging from voice and data services to advanced analytics. Furthermore, NFON's emphasis on data security makes it a standout choice for providers who prioritise tenant data protection. With its deep CRM integration capabilities, NFON ensures all tenant interactions, irrespective of the channel, are logged and available for analysis.

Elevating Social Housing with
Quality Management and Speech Analytics

Unleashing the Potential of Housing Providers and Local Authorities

In the world of social housing, where resident satisfaction and operational efficiency are paramount, the integration of Quality Management and Speech Analytics offers a game-changing opportunity. Let's delve deeper into how these technologies can empower housing associations to excel and meet the evolving needs of their residents and stakeholders.

Quality Management: Crafting Exceptional Resident Experiences

Quality Management in housing providers and local authorities involves setting and maintaining stringent quality standards across all resident interactions. This multifaceted approach to quality assurance ensures that every interaction, whether it's a phone call, email, or in-person meeting, aligns seamlessly with the association's commitment to excellence.

At its core, Quality Management establishes standardised resident touchpoints. This consistency is crucial in delivering a reliable and exceptional experience to residents. It's about ensuring that every resident inquiry is met with the same level of professionalism, knowledge, and care, no matter which agent or department they interact with.

But it goes beyond consistency; it's also a powerful tool for uncovering operational insights. By evaluating resident interactions against predefined criteria, housing providers and local authorities can uncover operational inefficiencies or issues that may have otherwise remained hidden. This insight enables associations to streamline their processes, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce costs, all of which contribute to a better overall resident experience.

To adapt to the unique needs and goals of each housing association, Quality Management allows for tailored standards. Providers can define their own evaluation criteria based on the desired resident experience. For instance, if a provider places a high emphasis on friendly and empathetic communication, this can be incorporated into the evaluation process. This flexibility ensures that the quality standards align with the association's specific mission and values.

Crucially, Quality Management doesn't stop at evaluation; it's also about agent improvement. By providing agents with actionable feedback based on their interactions, housing providers and local authorities empower their frontline staff to continuously enhance their performance. This feedback loop is essential for fostering a culture of improvement and excellence within the association.

Moreover, Quality Management enhances agent visibility and engagement. When agents have access to their quality results via agent dashboards, they become more invested, engaged, and receptive to feedback. This transparency also provides an easy mechanism for agents to dispute results and perform self-evaluations, further enhancing their sense of ownership over their performance.

In summary, Quality Management is more than just a tool for ensuring quality standards; it's a holistic approach to delivering exceptional resident experiences, uncovering operational efficiencies, and fostering continuous improvement within housing providers. It's a cornerstone for housing providers striving to meet and exceed the expectations of their residents.


Social housing providers today face the challenge of providing residents with reliable and affordable telecom services. Fortunately, the partnership between Social Telecoms and a consortium of leading suppliers, including 8x8, NFON, RingCentral and Vonage, alongside the support of a framework agreement from Procurement for Housing, offers a unique solution.

This multisupplier approach offers numerous benefits to housing associations. Firstly, it ensures access to a diverse range of telecom services, tailored to the unique needs of each association. Housing providers can select from a menu of options to provide residents with connectivity solutions that suit their preferences and budgets.

Secondly, collaboration with multiple suppliers fosters healthy competition, resulting in competitive pricing and improved service quality. This translates into cost savings for housing associations and enhanced value for residents.

Moreover, the framework agreement from Procurement for Housing streamlines the procurement process, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring compliance with regulations. It simplifies the acquisition of telecom services, enabling housing associations to focus more on their core mission of providing quality housing and services to residents.

In essence, Social Telecoms, in conjunction with leading suppliers and the support of Procurement for Housing, empowers housing providers with a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient telecom solution that ultimately enhances resident satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Benefits for Housing Providers and Local Authorities: Transforming Resident Experiences and Operations

By integrating Quality Management and Speech Analytics, housing providers and local authorities can reap a multitude of benefits that directly impact both resident experiences and operational excellence.

Enhanced Resident Experience:

The foremost benefit is the ability to ensure consistent, high-quality interactions that align perfectly with the provider's mission and values. This level of consistency creates a sense of reliability and trust among residents, enhancing their overall experience.

Operational Efficiency:

Streamlining processes and uncovering operational inefficiencies through quality management and speech analytics can result in substantial cost savings for housing providers. These savings can be redirected to further improve resident services.

Data-Driven Decision-Making:

The insights gained from resident interactions provide valuable data that can inform strategic decisions. Whether it's identifying trends, tracking sentiment changes, or discovering areas for improvement, this data empowers housing providers to make informed choices that benefit both residents and the provider.

Instant Tenant Support

Compliance is a critical concern for housing providers. The ability to swiftly identify and address potential compliance issues through speech analytics ensures that providers can operate within the boundaries of regulations and standards, reducing the risk of costly penalties.

Agent Performance:

Empowering agents with the tools and feedback needed to excel not only benefits residents but also elevates the morale and job satisfaction of frontline staff. Happy, engaged agents are more likely to provide exceptional service.

Continuous Improvement:

Perhaps one of the most profound benefits is the fostering of a culture of improvement and excellence within the provider. Quality Management and Speech Analytics create a feedback loop that encourages continuous learning and enhancement, benefiting residents in the long run.

Chatbots - Harnessing the Might of AI

While omnichannel communication forms the bedrock of modern tenant interaction, the secret weapon in enhancing these interactions is AI. Logicdialog's prowess lies in its AI-powered digital assistant.

This digital marvel can field tenant queries round-the-clock, ensuring that their concerns are addressed promptly. Be it routine questions or troubleshooting common issues, the assistant provides real-time responses. When coupled with the solutions from 8x8, Vonage, and NFON, Logicdialog transforms the tenant experience from mere interaction to dynamic engagement.


At Social Telecoms, we're transforming the social housing sector with Logicdialog, the AI-driven solution that's changing the game. Say goodbye to traditional processes and hello to a new era of efficiency and tenant satisfaction.


An AI-powered digital assistant, often simply referred to as a "digital assistant," is a software program or application that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to understand and respond to natural language text or voice commands from users. These digital assistants are designed to perform a wide range of tasks and functions to make users' lives easier and more efficient.

Streamlined Tenant Services

Logicdialog's AI digital assistant serves as a cornerstone for social housing providers and local authorities in their quest for enhanced operational efficiency. By automating routine tasks such as repair requests, rent inquiries, and payment processing, it single-handedly reduces call centre volumes by an impressive 50%. This streamlined approach ensures that tenants receive faster responses to their inquiries and requests, ultimately leading to improved satisfaction levels.

Seamless Tenant Communication

At the heart of Logicdialog's offering is the ability to foster stronger and more engaged tenant communities. Through automated reminders for rent payments, notifications for upcoming community events, and timely updates on essential matters, housing providers can create an environment where tenants feel more connected and informed. This level of engagement contributes significantly to tenant satisfaction and community cohesion.

Efficient Property Management

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Logicdialog integrates seamlessly with smart home devices, offering housing providers the tools to optimize energy usage and reduce overall consumption. This not only aligns with environmental goals but also enhances the efficiency of property management. By providing real-time insights and recommendations on energy usage, Logicdialog empowers housing providers to maintain their properties in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Instant Tenant Support

One of the most compelling features of Logicdialog's AI digital assistant is its capacity to provide instant answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). This feature alone leads to a remarkable 60% reduction in web inquiries, allowing housing providers to significantly cut down on customer support costs. At the same time, it ensures that tenants receive prompt assistance, enhancing their overall experience.

Data-Driven Decisions

Collecting and analysing tenant data is essential for housing providers. Logicdialog simplifies this process, making it easier for providers to track critical details such as rental history and income. By consolidating this information, Logicdialog empowers housing providers to make data-driven decisions that not only benefit their bottom line but also enhance the overall experience for tenants.



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