AI Revolution in Social Housing: The Logicdialog Advantage

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

At Social Telecoms, we're transforming the social housing sector with Logicdialog, the AI-driven solution that's changing the game. Say goodbye to traditional processes and hello to a new era of efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

What is a Digital Assistant?

An AI-powered digital assistant, often simply referred to as a "digital assistant," is a software program or application that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to understand and respond to natural language text or voice commands from users. These digital assistants are designed to perform a wide range of tasks and functions to make users' lives easier and more efficient.

"83% of waste inquiries handled by the bot. Hundreds of hours reclaimed."

Monmouthshire Council

"The bot streamlines user experience, decreases dwell time, and impacts call center volumes positively."

West Berkshire Council

Streamlined Tenant Services

Logicdialog's AI digital assistant serves as a cornerstone for social housing providers and local authorities in their quest for enhanced operational efficiency. By automating routine tasks such as repair requests, rent inquiries, and payment processing, it single-handedly reduces call centre volumes by an impressive 50%. This streamlined approach ensures that tenants receive faster responses to their inquiries and requests, ultimately leading to improved satisfaction levels.

Seamless Tenant Communication

At the heart of Logicdialog's offering is the ability to foster stronger and more engaged tenant communities. Through automated reminders for rent payments, notifications for upcoming community events, and timely updates on essential matters, housing providers can create an environment where tenants feel more connected and informed. This level of engagement contributes significantly to tenant satisfaction and community cohesion.

Efficient Property Management

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Logicdialog integrates seamlessly with smart home devices, offering housing providers the tools to optimize energy usage and reduce overall consumption. This not only aligns with environmental goals but also enhances the efficiency of property management. By providing real-time insights and recommendations on energy usage, Logicdialog empowers housing providers to maintain their properties in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Instant Tenant Support

One of the most compelling features of Logicdialog's AI digital assistant is its capacity to provide instant answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). This feature alone leads to a remarkable 60% reduction in web inquiries, allowing housing providers to significantly cut down on customer support costs. At the same time, it ensures that tenants receive prompt assistance, enhancing their overall experience.

Data-Driven Decisions

Collecting and analysing tenant data is essential for housing providers. Logicdialog simplifies this process, making it easier for providers to track critical details such as rental history and income. By consolidating this information, Logicdialog empowers housing providers to make data-driven decisions that not only benefit their bottom line but also enhance the overall experience for tenants.

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