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The social housing sector is possibly one of the few industry verticals where digital signage combined with high dwelling times can have an even more beneficial impact on employees, residents and visitors.

Firstly, resident experience is becoming of paramount importance to landlords. Because of exactly these growing headaches, digital signage for the social housing sector is becoming a necessary tool as it provides a unique platform for engagement for your employees and residents alike.

Secondly, communicating with your residents is a critical part of your business that’s getting harder to do especially in a dynamic environment such as social housing. Messages can be drowned out and resident experience can be lost in the chaos.

Digital Signage from Social Telecoms, can bring several benefits to the housing sector, enhancing communication, engagement, and overall user experience.

Here are some ways in which digital signage can be advantageous:

Improved Communication:

Digital signage allows housing providers to communicate effectively with residents, visitors, and staff. Important announcements, community events, maintenance schedules, and emergency alerts can be displayed in real-time, ensuring that relevant information reaches the right people promptly.

Say Bye to Drawing Pins

Digital Noticeboards

Traditional paper-based noticeboards can become outdated quickly, and residents might miss important updates.

With digital signage, housing providers can update noticeboards instantly, ensuring that everyone stays informed about events, policies, and other relevant information.

Promotion of Amenities

Housing complexes often come with various amenities such as gyms, community rooms, and swimming pools. Digital signage can be used to promote these facilities, display operating hours, and notify residents of any special events or activities taking place.

Emergency Notifications

During emergencies such as fire incidents or natural disasters, digital signage can be utilized to broadcast evacuation instructions, safety procedures, and important contact information, contributing to residents' safety.

Community Engagement

Interactive digital signage can encourage community engagement by featuring resident polls, surveys, and social media integrations. This can foster a sense of belonging and involvement among residents, leading to a stronger community bond.

Flexible Content Management

With digital signage, housing providers can remotely manage and update content across multiple locations. This flexibility ensures that information is always up-to-date and relevant, without the need for physical visits to each signage location.

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Overall, digital signage solutions like ours offer a powerful toolset for the housing sector to enhance communication, engage residents, and create a more efficient and modern living experience for everyone involved.

What's included:



Digital signage displays are specialised screens designed for use in advertising and informational displays in public spaces. They have several advantages over traditional monitors and TVs when it comes to digital signage applications:
  1. Durability: Signage screens are built to withstand continuous operation in public spaces, making them more durable than regular monitors or TVs. They are designed to handle the demands of 24/7 operation without experiencing screen burn-in or other issues that may arise from extended use.
  2. Brightness and Visibility: Our signage screens typically have higher brightness levels than monitors and TVs. With 4K resolutions, and sizes from 55" all the way up and beyond 100", you can be sure your notices are pin-sharp and easy to read.
  3. Narrow bezels: Signage screens typically have slim bezels, which allow for more seamless and visually appealing video walls when multiple screens are tiled together to create a larger display.
  4. Energy efficiency: Many signage screens are designed with energy-efficient components, which can be beneficial for reducing operating costs in environments where multiple screens are used.

Planning & Consultation

This step involves defining the project objectives and the target audience, selecting the type of digital signage technology to be used, determining the budget, and planning the content to be displayed.

Design & Content Creation

Based on the planning stage, design the layout for your digital signage. The content will be designed to meet your branding requirements, including colours, theme and logos. The content will be engaging, visually appealing, and deliver the intended message effectively. The best bit about our Digital Signage is the content management system (CMS) is especially simple to use. We have designs appropriate for younger audiences as well as for sheltered schemes.  We can update content for special times, such as Christmas, Diwali and Easter, or ad-hoc throughout the year as and when you require.

Supply & Installation

Our friendly, experienced and professional engineers will install the screens in the desired location and ensure they are mounted securely.  To receive updates you make to the content, the screens will require an Internet connection.  This can be supplied by Social Telecoms too.  Our screens can use WiFi where needed, so you can feel assured that unsightly cabling will be kept to a minimum.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Don't worry, you're not on your own.  Social Telecoms are on hand to support you throughout the use of your digital signage displays.  After the system goes live, regular support and maintenance are crucial for the project's success. This involves offering technical support where needed, troubleshooting any issues that may arise, conducting regular system checks and maintenance, and updating content as needed. Remember, the success of our Digital Signage is underpinned by easy-to-use services from Google.  They're so simply, you may never need our assistance, but you can feel reassured that we're on hand to support your content creators whenever they need help.  Be it scheme managers, area managers, or communications teams; we're there.



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