KiOSK Terminals

product-badge-kioskHow do your customers access rent payment services, online benefit applications and other essential online services?

Why use KiOSK terminals in reception areas, satellite offices and community centres?

Many essential services from the job seekers allowance application form through to paying rent and seeking advice are now offered online. Having these services accessible for tenants in an easily understandable Android touch screen format removes barriers for customers and reduces the support costs associated with customer transactions and waiting times.

Paying for bills online has reduced one housing associations queue times by 31% allowing them to devote more time dealing with more complicated inquiries such as Council Tax and Benefits.

Touchscreen technology has revolutionised the way in which people learn. KiOSK terminals offer a widescreen with zoom features to assist those with poor eyesight. With a bespoke home-screen offering large easy to use buttons this means even the elderly, visually impaired or less tech savvy in general will find it easy to use.

A Managed Digital Inclusion Solution

Social Telecoms' fully managed KiOSK solution is an Internet browsing and App utilising product with managed service that removes the burden on internal IT Departments, maximises internet availability for tenants and costs a fraction of equally comprehensive in-house solutions.

Perfect for being deployed into communal areas, the hardware and service brings a safe and secure means for your customers to utilise the web within the confines of a restricted and secure environment and the backup of a dedicated support hotline providing friendly assistance when they need it.

Fully Customised to Your Needs

Not only will the design of your KiOSK home screen be bespoke, but we can tailor it to the specific needs of your residents.  We can work with you to ensure that each KiOSK delivers the most useful and appropriate content in order to give the greatest degree of Digital Inclusion to the widest range of users.

  • Bespoke design with strong branding and identity
  • Relevant content to your residents
  • Pay rent online
  • Search for jobs and submit applications
  • Different colour schemes for the visually impaired
  • Provide content in multiple languages
  • Talking KiOSKs for the visually impaired

Our bespoke home pages ensure those that know their customers best, can specify the layout of the home page as best fits the location and users of the kiosk. Having a large customer base means that we can also suggest tried and tested designs to maximise the impact of your kiosk.

Will your residents use the KiOSKs?

The kiosk has a large 24” high definition screen and home page designed around large button touch. This gives access to essential websites making the internet more appealing and less intimidating, whilst those that are already familiar with Digital technology can quickly access the service they require.

The kiosk also boasts the option of a WiFi hotspot to encourage usage of the kiosk as well as encouraging online services in general. The landing page for the WiFi can allow usage of essential internet sites free while requiring authentication for general internet use.

Do the KiOSKs require maintainenance?

Maintenance of the KiOSK terminal including home page changes and website restrictions are all carried out remotely without a visit to the kiosk or premises. The kiosks are designed to stand up to constant use and in the unlikely event of a physical failure a Social Telecoms engineer will carry out a repair or swap the unit for a replacement if required. After the initial 24 months a further maintenance agreement can be offered to give you complete peace of mind.


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