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A Single Platform for All Interactions

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Connecting Tenants, Landlords and Suppliers

Increase productivity and improve tenant satisfaction scores An omnichannel environment improves employee productivity and the service you can deliver to your tenants. Agents connected through 8×8’s cloud-based communications platform are able to collaborate with third-parties, back-office staff and engineers to gain expert advice while maintaining a connection with the tenant, resulting in more enquiries being resolved the first time and improved operational efficiency. Intuitive user interfaces and AI simplify workflow management and provide operational data and analytics, with essential reports and insights that provide information business leaders, asset and housing teams need to deliver on strategic objectives.

A Connected Workforce

Technology plays an important part in how we communicate, and with so many channels available these can easily become difficult to manage. The average business currently uses around 7 different communication applications, workforces are disconnected with individual groups and departments using different applications including WhatsApp, personal text messages, tenant 121 video calls, Microsoft Teams and more. These disparate communication channels, when not brought together, compromise staff productivity and the service delivered to tenants. 8×8 brings all communication channels together onto a single, centrally-managed platform. Integration with CRM provides Contact Cent, UC and Teams users with the information they need and a single view of all tenant Interactions. Agents are easily connected with other customer-facing teams;- housing, compliance, tenant arrears officers and engineers through chat; video, voice and SMS to share information and instantly connect tenants to experts for a faster and first-time resolution to enquiries and improved tenant satisfaction scores.


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Source: 8×8 research

Connecting tenants with experts

8×8 Contact Centre improves agent efficiency with a single-pane view of all communication channels, where agents can handle multiple digital conversations simultaneously, increasing agent productivity without compromising service.
Team leaders and supervisors can adapt faster to unexpected changes in staff levels and manage workflows including call routing plans, automated SMS messages, email and more, using drag-and-drop technology.
Tenant payments are securely processed, without leaving their conversation with a credit controller or agent, enabling debts to be cleared and next actions to be taken, faster.
Integrations with your favourite business applications, CRM and Teams provide valuable cross-platform analytics for managing performance against strategic and individual KPIs.
Video interactions between engineers and tenants provide faster, remote fixes, reduce callout costs and are attached to a tenant record to identify recurring incidents and where preventative maintenance may be required.

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8×8 Video
Source: Platform Housing

Coaching and training

Stay on top of training requirements and improve tenant satisfaction scores with targeted, timely feedback to your team.
Supervisor Workspace is easily configurable to provide insights to drive best behaviour and ensure compliance standards are met. Changes in agent and tenant behaviours are quickly identified using sentiment analysis, allowing agents to be guided through
conversations to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.
Areas for improvement are easily identified with essential performance metrics monitored through a series of regular reports with trend analysis, end-to-end journey analytics and call recording for examples of best practices.
New employees are quickly brought up to speed with intuitive user interfaces, a library of best practices calls and options to highlight and tag employees for targeted and efficient coaching.
Automated surveys ensure the tenant voice is heard and valuable feedback is captured and acted upon.

Centralised Administration

Transform the way your IT Teams work and how tenants and employees interact with a single, centrally managed communication platform.
Operational and IT efficiencies are achieved with less vendors to manage, no software/hardware upgrade or maintenance costs, persona-based interfaces, and a single governance, security, compliance and data privacy policy.
Cross-platform analytics provide business and team leaders with customisable reports and valuable insights for important decision making.

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platform has an averaged


lower TCO than a multivendor

Analytics & Reporting

Gain complete visibility into performance metrics with valuable insights and real-time reports. Sort, filter and distribute important statistics to share details of trends and interactions, improve operational efficiency and increase tenant satisfaction.
Use instant intelligence with ML/AI to sort and prioritise calls, chats, texts, and social posts and alert agents accordingly.
Obtain greater insights into tenant interactions with important call metrics; abandoned, answered, durations, call patterns, call recordings and end-to-end journey analytics that provide essential insights into trends, with granular detail to monitor KPIs.
Deliver consistency across digital channels, handled from a single solution and capture valuable insights with holistic reporting that delivers a simplified, single source of truth for better decision-making.

“8×8 has transformed the way that we work, not only from an IT infrastructure perspective, but also from a customer experience perspective.”

Hassan Bahrani, Head of IT, Thirteen Group